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Monday, March 17, 2014

Let's Talk!

Do you ever have the need to just talk to someone about topics that you consider private, too embarrassed to talk about, or questions that you just can't ask your peers or parents? Well, this is the place where I will attempt to answer those questions and more.

This blog is a very safe place where there will be no judging, no hating, and most of all no bullying. A safe place that you can ask me any question and have no fears.

This blog will also explore how  our lives and society constructs our gender, whether we are at odds or asserting ourselves in life. I will also define the difference between gender and sexual identity. By discovering the difference, You will see how we are all special and unique. "Why I Must Come Out"  No matter how we identify our gender, we are all human. Although some people may dress, act, talk, or display themselves diff
erently from social norms, we all like ice cream, have friends, and played pretend when we were kids (at least I did).

Being inquisitive of each other results in the knowledge that we are not so different after all. Unfortunately, if those who do not conform to society's heternormative definition (white, male, wealthy, mother and father etc.,) experience bullying (which often results in horrific loss of lives - suicide) in the schools, workplace, and everyday life.

If you agree with my goals, then jump on board, talk, and ask any questions that you may have.

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  1. I really enjoyed the cake analogy


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